What is the Green Lake Association?

The Green Lake Association is a non profit volunteer lake association consisting of a board (president, secretary, treasure, committee chairs) and fundraising/activities committees.

What is the Green Lake Associations purpose?

The GLA’s primary objective is it to treat for invasive aquatic weeds in Green Lake such as Eurasian Watermilfoil and Curly Pond Leaf. Under strict supervision of the DNR the GLA is permitted to treat designated areas. The treatments are conducted minding specific guidelines regarding the protection of native aquatic plants and the fish population. Maintaining a clean and safe Green Lake is the GLA’s goal.

How does the Green Lake Association treat for invasive aquatic weeds?

The GLA has the capability to treat Milfoil and Curly Leaf using it’s owned and operated treatment pontoon. This sophisticated treatment boat uses GPS and a depth finder to treat mapped areas accurately and efficiently. The pontoon can subsurface inject liquid herbicide in a thirty foot wide path while being guided by the GPS system.

How does the Green Lake Association know where to treat?

Visual inspection in conjunction with an independent study done for the GLA determine the areas to be treated. The targeted areas may very season to season depending on weather condition that may effect weed growth.

How does the Green Lake Association fund the treatments?

The chemical to treat Milfoil and Curly Leaf is very expensive. The funds to sustain the association come from private and business memberships, fundraisers , can recycle, and other miscellaneous donations. The acreage the GLA can treat is directly related to the funds available to buy chemical and DNR permits. The more funds available the potential to treat more acreage is realized.

What else does the Green Lake Association do?

The GLA in conjunction with its treatment program makes efforts to get involved in the Chisago community. Some examples are the adoption of the Little Green Park, the donation of picnic tables for the park, support of local boy scouts in obtaining the rank of eagle scout, sponsorship of a annual appreciation picnic for GLA members, winter lake cleanup after the ice houses are removed and fun actives such as our annual 4th of July boat parade and participation the Ki-Chi-Saga Days parade.

How can you support the Green Lake Association?

There are three main ways you can support the GLA. First become a volunteer. Without volunteers the association could not exist. Any amount of time you can give is welcome. Secondly become a member. The 35.00 annual private and 100.00 business membership fees help fund the treatments. Lastly support any of the GLA fundraisers. Watch the local news papers for up coming activities and check out the GLA website (www.greenlakechisago.org) .