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Meeting Minutes – May 11th 2021

Present- Jason Houle – President, Cheryl Kempenich – Treasurer, Travis LaMotte, Connie Mayfield


    1. Vice President position.
      Jason nominated Travis LaMotte for the VP position that Jason previously held. Board approved.
    2. By -Laws Overview
      Jason asked the board members to review the associations by-laws, they need to be updated to reflect the associations mission and operating practices. Cheryl stated that the current by-laws have only one signature on bank account. She recommended that it be changed to 2 signatures.
    3. 501c 4 to 501c 3 overview
      Everyone agreed that the association needs to become 501c 3 non-profit rather than the current 501c 4. Thus, updating the by-laws is an important first step.
    4. City Dock Overview
      The concrete has been laid at the City Dock (at the corner of West & Stinson). Jason talked to the City about adding another dock extension- 60 ft to the existing dock so more boaters can tie up to walk into town. Board felt this was a good move as the current dock is limited.
    5. Shrink Wrap Pontoon
      Board approved for the treatment boat to be shrink wrapped at the end of the season, as the previous wrap of 3 yrs. is too worn.
    6. Volunteer Objectives
      Jason talked about the desire to have established volunteers take on specific tasks that they will handle throughout the year, rather than one-time volunteers. For example, Spencer & Tucker Dally will oversee the carp barrier installation and removal.
    7. Carp Fence
      Barrier has been installed. A The Dally brother installed it a couple weeks ago and will handle it going forward. Jason will handle the permitting with DNR & MNDOT.
    8. Point Intercept
      Point Intercept survey has been completed by DNR on Little Green Lake for AIS. Jason was not sure where the money is coming from to do the treatment. More on this as it evolves.
    9. CLP and Milfoil treatment overview
      Curly leaf Pondweed treatment was completed today May 11.Overview of Milfoil treatment, Jason would like to see the treatment boat outfitted with electronics to modernize the operation for spraying. And would like to take nonessential weight out of the boat, to be able to get more chemical onto the boat. Jason also discussed needing specific drop locations for chemical, so boat does not have to keep going back to a landing to resupply, and support teams established. Established dates and back updates for when weather conditions force cancellation.
    10. Expanding the lake spirit ideas
      Jason would like to see the association have a wider range of activities besides AIS treatment. Ideas such as fireworks on the lake for July 4th, Spring Meetings, Music on the Lake. The board agreed to expand the association’s scope.
    11. Tumblers
      Jason has 2 cases of tumblers left; Connie stated she has about 15 left. Connie will continue to keep members posted how to purchase the tumblers.
    12. Website Overview
      Kemteck has donated their services to manage the GLA website. Not all the updates have been made. It will be rolled out when it is finished.
    13. Secretary position replacement
      Lori Reichert has stepped down as Secretary. Jason has suggested to the board an individual but has not talked to them directly. Will do so in the coming weeks.
    14. Treasurers Report
      Cheryl reported the association has 3 CD’s, $28,000 in checking account. She recently paid the boat insurance and tabs for the trailer. Cheryl suggested the association should have a designated reserve fund when there is no grant money from DNR.
    15. Open Discussion
      Jason has talked to Lake Management about group shoreline treatment that would make it easier for property owners and possibly get a discount. Lake Management stated that the DNR has limits on how many property owners can treat their shoreline on a lake. There was some discussion on informing members when fishing tournaments are held on the lake. To do this we need to find our who are the sponsors of tournaments, besides Frankie’s.

Meeting Adjourned.


Meeting Minutes – Jan. 11, 2021

Present:  Bruce Meyer- President, Jason Houle, Bob Milam, Connie Mayfield


  • GLA Bylaw Update
    • Bruce asked board members to review the associations bylaw and send your recommendations to Jason. Then at the next meeting the board will discuss making any changes and vote on any updates.
  • Articles of Incorporation
    • There has been discussion over recent years to change GLA from 501c (4) to 501c (3). After some discussion it was decided that a couple of the board should meet with an attorney and find out exactly the pros/cons of the two designations, and what would fit best with the association going forward. Cheryl Kempenich recommended an attorney some time ago to speak to.  Jason also stated he will talk with his business attorney. More at the next meeting.
  • Mission Statement

Jason has proposed an updated mission statement – “The Green Lake Association’s mission is to preserve and protect Green Lake and its surroundings. To enhance the water quality, fishery, boating safety, and aesthetic values of the recreational lake for today and future generations to enjoy.”

  • Spring Annual Meeting
    • Bruce will coordinate with the Uncommon Loon for a Spring annual meeting for Sunday April 25th in the afternoon. It is hoped that the COVID-19 pandemic will be under control which will allow large meetings to occur.  *Note- Connie informed the board that about 125 people attended the 2019 Spring Annual meeting. 2020 was cancelled due to the pandemic.  
    • Connie suggested getting someone knowledgeable about the upcoming changes/expansion of Hwy 8 as a speaker for the meeting.
  • Stinson/West Project
    • The project at the corner of Stinson & West streets in downtown Chisago, continues to be unfinished as the City has not laid the concrete leading to the dock.  There was discussion on whether we should approach the City and offer to pay for the concrete/labor so it can be finished this spring. We received $1000 in grant money from the Community Foundation several years ago with anticipation it would be completed within 12 months.  No decision was made.
  • Treatments for 2021
    • Bob recommended we treat in the area parallel to Jasper Lane, as new AIS is starting to grow in that area hoping to get it under control early on. This is in addition to other areas of the lake where AIS is prevalent.
    • Bruce reminded the board that we will continue to spray navigational channels in the south bay where vegetation is thick.
    • Bob sent in a written request to the Lake Improvement District to fund the Point Intercept study to be conducted this spring. He has not heard back.
  • Treasurer’s Report
    • Bruce (in Cheryl’s absence) reported our current account has $56,000, we also now have 3 Certificates of Deposit, each is $10,000.
    • Bruce will ask Cheryl to invoice business sponsors who have not paid for 2021.
  • LID Remote Meetings
    • LID meetings can be attended in person or remotely through dial in.
    • Feb LID meeting will have elections of two director positions. Monica Kinney has reapplied. Bruce encouraged board members to vote either through absentee ballot or at the meeting held on Monday Feb 1st at the Chisago County bldg. in Center City.
    • Bruce is stepping down as President in the spring and has asked that a board member start attending the LID meetings.
  • Other items
    • Jason has been working with Brad Kempenich at Kemteck on updating the GLA website. He states it is about 80% complete and hopes to have it finalized in the next 3-6 weeks to roll out.
    • Jason has also ordered merchandise to sell to for another revenue stream for the association. He showed us a photo of a beverage tumbler with map of Green Lake on it.
    • Discussion on the docks at the DNR landing, as they are in poor shape.  Possibly GLA could fund replacing one or both docks. Need to talk with DNR regarding this.
  • Meeting adjourned

Green Lake Lighthouse

According to Terry Serbus, there’s not been one boat wreck on Green Lake since he built the lighthouse in 2005.  True be told, he can’t remember one before that either but that’s not the point.

The idea of the lighthouse came after Terry and his wife Carrolle had purchased and built on the point 15 years prior.  They had retired from a successful electrical contracting business and he was looking for a project.  He had a pile of good lumber from tearing off a deck, with help from one of his grandsons, in 2003.   He also had access to the stone for the finish, so choosing the design came pretty easily. 

Original construction consisted of a lumber base and approximately 20 foot tall frame, then wire mesh and stonework to finish it.  An access door and built-in ladder provided access to the rotating light in the top.  (That light functioned for several years but the plastic gears couldn’t take the cold weather.)  Accent lighting on the base provided nice uplighting at night.  A grandson applied the stone to the exterior in 2005 (the lemonade and lunches with Grandma and Grandpa may have been why it took most of the summer).   Everything was completed in late summer 2005, just in time for Terry and Carrolle’s 50th wedding anniversary on September 3, 2005.

Family (all five Serbus “kids” and one grandson have lived on the lake) fellow Green Lakers, and lots of eagles have enjoyed the lighthouse.  In the early days, it was a host to the Green Lake happy hour flag (now the every other Thursday gathering).

Terry (age 86 now) and Carrolle (age 84) now live on Green Lake in the townhomes, having sold their house on the point in 2014 (the house sold again in 2019).  Terry would like to see the lighthouse maintained and lit up again.  As a retired electrician, he has lots of ideas on how it can be done using materials that weren’t available when he built the lighthouse.  Solar and LED lighting are very affordable now and could be incorporated, as well as a rotating light with metal gears.

Board Meeting of Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Present: Bob Milam, Cheryl Kempenich, Jason Houle, Bruce Meyer, Connie Mayfield


Finances – Cheryl report the current balance is $31,285.  The fall newsletter with mailing came to $640 (note we used Copy Pro, which were very easy to work with and got the newsletter out in a timely manner).

Board decided to move forward and pay Lake Management this fall for the navigational channels for 2020. When paid in advance we receive a discount. Bruce asked what forms/process needs to be completed once Bruce steps down and Jason steps into the President role. There is only one form to sign in person at Midwest One. 

Navigational Channels – Bruce recommended an additional channel be established for the 2 new and 2 existing homes off 257th Street as it is very weedy back there and difficult to get out to the bigger part of the lake. The cost would be about $800. Bob was going to check with DNR about adding another pathway.

Point Intercept Mapping (PIM)– Discussed at the last meeting, conducting a PIM to map AIS on the lake, would enable the association to get a be more strategic how spray treatments are conducted each year. Last PIM was completed 5-6 years ago. Bob recommended the company called Blue Waters to do the PIM and to have it completed spring 2021. The Lake Improvement District has funded these in the past and Bruce will talk with Jerry Spetzman from the LID.

Whole Lake AIS Treatment – At the last meeting it was discussed to treat the entire lake for AIS. The price of treating the entire lake is prohibited for the association. We need to get more information on the effectiveness of treating the entire lake plus find if DNR would approve and if there are any grant dollars from DNR or LID to assist.

Promotional Products – Jason suggested the association give out mugs, flags, boat cushions, etc.  with GLA logo on the items for people who join the association above the basic membership of $40 or donate money. The board thought it was a great idea and Jason will pursue the costs.

Spring Meeting – Due to the Corvid-19 virus the association could not conduct the annual membership meeting in 2020. The board decided to schedule a meeting for spring 2021 at the Uncommon Loon, with the appropriate set up to comply with the restrictions set forth by the State of Minnesota, if they still apply.  If the pandemic still exists, there maybe only a handful of members who attend. But that is still enough to vote in new officers.  The last 2 Spring Annual meetings over 100 people attended.

Meeting adjourned.

Board Meeting of Wednesday, September 14, 2020

Attendees:  Bruce Meyer, Connie Mayfield, Jason Houle, Bob Milam, Lori Reichert and guest: Mike O’Connell of Lake Management

Little Green Milfoil and Curly Leaf Treatments – Mike O’Connell of Lake Management, Inc. which currently does some portions of AIS treatment on Green.

  1. To get a better idea of what Lake Management could do for the Milfoil and Curly Leaf problems in Little Green, Bob Milam invited Mike O’Connell to join us to speak on using a Fluoridone treatment rather than the typical yearly treatments.
  2. Fluoridone can clear a lake of the harmful Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) of Eurasian Milfoil and Curly Leaf, without harming the native aquatic species, and last for a longer period of time than our usual yearly treatments.  
  3. EXPECTED DURATION of Treatment:  Could be ten plus years on Eurasion Milfoil. Curly Leaf, after 10 years should still be 90-95% gone but even so, we might have to hit growth of curly leaf during that10-year timeframe but just in small amounts if caught early – so the same surveys would still have to be done on the lake to detect any invasive species cropping up. The treatment does NOT eradicate either invasive – they can still come in on boats or in the overflow into Green.  
  4. Lake Management has had success on these comparable lakes:  Clear Lake in Forest Lake (Bob Milam reports his friends on the lake are happy with it), Lake Josephine in Roseville and Schmidt Lake near Plymouth.
  5. MEASURMENTS OF LITTLE GREEN: (Important as to cost and timing.)
    Per the DNR Website:  Little Green’s shore length is approximately 2.5 miles, and it shows between 5 and 10 feet deep.
    Median ice out date: April 11
    Earliest ice out date: March 22, 2000
    Latest ice out date: May 1, 2018
    Per Mike: Little Green has an average depth of 8 feet and is 223 acres. NOTE:  the product does not go below thermoclines.
  6. COST:  
    1. Expect between $30-40,000 total; probably $36,000 (this is different from the $25,000 we thought at our July meeting which Jason used for his first cost/benefit analysis).
    2. This covers all Lake Management testing costs, an expected initial treatment plus three more “bumps” of treatment during the year. The bumps are required in a non-contained lake. We will only be charged for the actual treatments.  Fluoridone costs $2,800/gallon.  The DNR limits its use to 4 parts/billion gallons of water.  It disperses widely throughout the lake.
  7. CONCERNS from our last meeting answered:
    1. It is expected that non-invasive weeds will fill in where the invasive species had been, but it would be slow growth and they wouldn’t make the canopy that blocks light and effects the health of the water and fish.  
    2. Doing the treatment in a time where water levels are lower to reduce flow in and out of Little Green might be better, however; per Mike, other treated lakes that had some flow were fine.  Bruce is believing the lakes have got to be heading to lower after a couple years in a row of high levels in any case.
    3. Fluoridone has been in use since 1986; Sepro Sonar was the first company to use it.
    4. After treatment there are NO RESTRICTIONS on swimming, fishing, nor irrigation.
    1. We must know the DNR will approve a permit to use Fluoridone on Little Green.
    2. We must have a Point Intercept study done on the lake.  This entails getting GPS coordinates of all Eurasian Milfoil and Curly Leaf in all of Little Green.  The Curly Leaf shows up more in later spring and it would be best to wait for that to get a clear picture of where it’s located (before the first annual spraying for it). This baseline will be used to verify that the Milfoil and Curly Leaf are gone after treatment.
    3. Per Mike, it is best to apply Fluoridone as soon after ice out as possible (median date April 11) to get the curly leaf and turions treated.  Mid-April or earlier is best; although Lake Management has applied it in mid-May and it worked.  It is not temperature dependent.  
    4. Based on all these requirements, the timeline will probably be early spring of 2022 if the Board votes it in after all the Action Items below are completed.
    1. Jason will do another cost/benefit using the probable $36,000 for clearing the milfoil and curly leaf weeds in all of Little Green expected to last about 10 years vs. the yearly amount for small portions of the lake.
    2. Bob will talk to Chris Jurick (sp?) to get permission to use Fluoridone in Little Green Lake.  She reports to Wendy Kohl who, per Mike, is pro Fluoridone use.
    3. Bob will contact a company to get the Point Intercept testing done (this test is good for two years).  Some testing companies are:  Blue Water, Barr, Dragon Fly, Fresh Water Scientific and others.
    4. Based on responses and timing on the above action items, the Board will decide if/when to apply the treatment to Little Green. 


Public Dock / Chisago City Entry on Stinson –   Lori

  1. UPDATE as of 9/15/2020, John Pechman called stating the city had the money for extending the sidewalk from the current one, through the arch, and then down to the city dock but they are having a difficult time getting a company that can do the job soon.  
  2. Lori sent an email to Casey Theil and John Pechman. John was asked to send a plot plan to Casey so she can develop the plan. Casey was asked to start a plan and asked whether the sidewalk has to be in before starting the planting.  
  3. Per Connie, we don’t have to return the $1000 to the donor if we don’t use it yet this year.  It is expected that it will be used next year at latest.


Treasurers report – Bruce for Cheryl

  1. It is expected that we’ll have $54,000 at the end of this year.
  2. We can’t have a gross income more than $50,000 in a single year (we don’t have to worry).
  3. We will be using $1,000 for printing and mailing the fall newsletter.

Website Overview – Jason Houle

  1. Jason showed the website currently in development that is expected to be rolled out in early 2021.
  2. Since generating income is a top priority, the website makes dues payments easier and has options for automated repeat payments so members don’t have to remember and the board doesn’t have to send out reminders.  There is also a donations choice for those who are not Association members.  The plan is to put signs up at the boat launches to show how they can contribute to the GLA to keep the lake in good condition.
  3. There will be small thank you gifts with the Green Lake symbol on them for those who contribute.
  4. The site also includes a history of Green Lake and many year around pictures.



Submitted 9/15/2020 by:

Lori Reichert

GLA Secretary

Meeting Minutes – July 15th 2020

Attendees:  Bruce Meyer, Cheryl Kempenich, Jason Houle, Bob Milam, Lori Reichert and Denise Houle

Chisago City Entry on Stinson off Public Dock –   Lori

  1. The Chisago City arch is in.  We’ll wait for the sidewalks to be poured before contacting Casey to place the flowers. Casey wanted to plant in the fall anyway.
  2. We’ll also check with Casey to see whether the butterfly garden money could be contributed to this as well as the city money we received for the gardens

AIS Treatments – Bob and Bruce

  1. Per Bruce, we may need another $300 pump to make the pontoon spraying more efficient and reduce the time it takes  it was an all-day project for the Green Lake team last time).
  2. The money we get from the Lake Improvement District (LID) should be about the same next year as we’re getting this year.
  3. Lake Management also clears some portions of the lake – they cleared a wider than usual channel in the south bay when they cleared weeds.  It is much easier to get boats through back there right now.
  4. The lake has a clarity to 15 feet this year – better than it’s been
  5. Jason did a cost/benefit for doing the ~ $25,000 complete clearing of milfoil and curly leaf weeds in all of Little Green vs. the yearly amount for small portions of the lake and we would be better off doing the complete clear.  Bob Milam will be checking back with his contacts in Clear Lake where the treatment was done to see the results – so far they’re happy with the treatment.  Bob will line up his contact, Mike, for doing the complete treatment to have him attend a board meeting.  Our timeline is to have the decision made before spring when the treatment would be done.  We would want to know if it would matter to wait for a lower water year to do the treatment since the overflow from other lakes into Little Green might bring the weeds back too soon.  Bob said, in the mid-90s, there was a spray put into Little Green to kill all weeds, this new treatment is just for the invasives (and Bob is concerned that non-invasives may fill in where invasives were and they would overtake the lake).

Treasurers report     Cheryl

  1. $52,022.38 is currently in the GLA checking account.
  2. We are down a bit from this time last year. We didn’t have our Annual Meeting this year due to Covid (and it looks like Spring or Fall of 2021 before we can) and that usually brings in more members and annual dues.  We also have some businesses that we have to hit up again.
  3. We are considering sending an invoice to multiple businesses in the area to see if they will join.
  4. Jason suggested raising annual dues (however we just did that last year) and offering a gift for being a member and sending in dues.

Website Overview      Jason Houle

  1. Jason will rewrite the purpose statement for GLA that appears on the website and we can review that at a future GLA board meeting.
  2. Overview of Social Media shows we need to develop more methods for reaching people with pertinent information.  Perhaps rely more on electronic interactions but print the Newsletter just one time per year.  The e-mails Connie sends out are very useful and are one of the ways social media is working.
  3. Jason will be looking at updating and controlling the site – Jason getting rid of irrelevant material on the website.  Suggests having more photos of how the lake is being used year around – advertise it as the full recreational lake that it is.
  4. Generating income is a top priority.  Need to develop a means for making dues payments easier.  Should also put signs up at the boat launches notifying those who are using the lake that they may want to contribute to the GLA to keep the lake in good condition.

Other business.

Submitted by:

Lori Reichert

GLA Secretary

Green Lake Association Board Meeting of Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Attendees:  Bruce Meyer, Connie Mayfield, Cheryl Kempenich, Jason Houle, Bob Milam, Lori Reichert and special guests: Don Skelly of High Pointe Land and Mike O’Connell with Lake Management.

Extensive treatment of Little Green Lake.  Mike O’Connell of Lake Management:

  • Lake Management (LM) proposes using Fluordone (sonar) which has been DNR and EPA approved since 1986 but not used in MN as much as other states until now.  LM applied it to Clear lake in Forest Lake, Schmidt and Josephine lakes this year.  It kills curly leaf and Eurasian milfoil but not native plants.  It doesn’t get all the roots (turians) of these plants so they will eventually grow back.  Also, some could be dragged in between big Green and Little Green.
  • This was a preview of what we could do for Little Green Lake AIS treatment instead of what we’re currently doing.  We will review this further and assess whether it is a good idea for the future.  It would have to be done earlier in the Spring than it is already now AND it would work better when the water isn’t so high – the overflow from other lakes would disturb the product making it less effective and cost us more for reapplications.  The ideal proportion is 4 parts per billion to water and it would greatly reduce for a longer period of time the entire  of Little Green Lake’s milfoil and curly leaf.  We currently do different sprayings for both of those AIS and, IF we were to do the whole of little green the way we do currently rather than spot manage as we are now, it would cost $85,580 on the low end.  Doing ALL of Little Green using the Fluorodone method would cost between $18,200 – $29,000 for one year and would be expected to last throughout the year and into the next.  As it started to crop up again, then we could spot treat the smaller areas.  Our thought is that this would allow for greater spot treating in big Green in the consecutive years.
  • There is another product that could be used in the south bay channel that are Sonar I pellets if we like what it does in Little Green.

Website Overview      Jason Houle

  • Social Media Overview and interlocking info – we’ve got to develop more methods for reaching people with pertinent information.  Have social media stewards from around the lake so more people are contributing.  Have blogs started on specific topics (i.e. AIS control, Elementary school development)
  • updating and control site – Jason recommends that we don’t have irrelevant material on the website.  

Newsletter address    Connie

  • Connie will look into why some people didn’t receive the newsletter.
  • She will send Jason the updated list of those who’ve recently joined.

Update on the elementary school land purchase by Don Skelly of High Pointe Land

  • See the plans yet to be approved by the Chisago City Council on
  • While the cost estimates are still being finalized, the general costs per unit will run from $350K to $900K.  The HOA is expected to be $175/month.  It will be made up of townhouses through separate custom homes; park land with a community dock and some of the homes will have private docks.  
  • Don Skelly said he’s been in communications with the neighbors within a few doors of the property and they’ve been receptive of the new plans.

Treasurers report     Cheryl

  • $33,400 is currently in the GLA checking account.
  • $21,783 is in CDs with one coming due.  Cheryl’s looking for something with a higher interest rate option.
  • We are up $400 from new business sponsors so far this year.
  • We are down $362 from this time last year.

Curly Leaf treatment      Bob

  • Expects to be treating big and little Green Lakes for curly leaf this Friday (Monday at latest).  Can’t treat above 60 degrees, need calm sunny day, need at least some weed growth.

Carp barrier update    Bruce

  • Waiting for the water temperatures to be above 60 degrees before putting up the barrier – probably next week.

LID AIS reduction – Bruce

  • LID has a reduction of $3000 this year over last for all lakes in the area.  Green Lake will receive $10,076.40 now rather than what was $11,194.78.

Chisago City Entry on Stinson off Public Dock –   Lori

  • The pilons for the arch were poured and the floating dock is in.  We’ll wait for the sidewalks to be poured and the arch to be put in before we’ll contact Casey to place the flowers.
  • We’ll check with Casey to see whether the butterfly garden money could be contributed to this as well as the city money we received for the gardens.

Other business.

Submitted by:
Lori Reichert
GLA Secretary

Meeting Minutes – Wednesday, February 12th 2020

Attendees: Bruce Meyer, Cheryl Kempenich, Bob Milam, Kevin Murphy, Dale Grosskopf, Mark Anderson (Chisago City Council member) and Connie Mayfield


  • Annual Spring Meeting
    • Date is Sunday April 19th , will be held at the Uncommon Loon. Guest Speakers will be Frankie Dusenka from Frankie’s Marine and Don Skelly from High Pointe Land (new owners of the former Lakeside Elementary school property)
  • 2020 Spring Newsletter
    • Expanding it to an additional 4 pages for more articles and to spread out the 29 business sponsors
    • Board members need to get their articles into Christine Milam no later than March 16. We want to get the newsletter out before the annual meeting on April 19 th
      GLA has offered to purchase ADA compliant picnic tables for the Little Green Lake landing. We are waiting for approval from the Park Department of the style and material.
  • Phragmite’s Testing
    • GLA is fortunate we only found 2 sites with Phragmites this summer, no other sites were found this winter.
  • Financial
    • Treasurer has invoice business sponsors for this year’s commitment. New Business sponsors include Paper Chase, Edward Jones, Chisago City and Gregory Contracting
    • Checking account is $30,000 and we have 2 CD’s of $10,800+ each
  • Carp tournament will not happen and the Lions Club Crappie tournament may not happen as well.
  • Lake Clean up is slated for March 1 st , (Ice houses must be off lake by March 2nd per DNR). If the weather is good and ice is safe, we may postpone till March 8th . Our lake has been very fortunate the past few years with little or no debris.
  • 2020 AIS treatment
    • LID has decreased their funding by $1000 to each lake association, earmarking those funds to help eradicate phragmites
    • DNR is back with grants for lake associations. DNR will fund delineation by 3 rd party for AIS detection.
    • New GPS, Bob Milam has been looking at several for the
      pontoon treatment boat. Likely run around $500.
  • Music on the Lake will be Thursday July 16. Member Tim Lackas has a jazz group CC Septect that has volunteered to play their music. More details later.
  • Lake Improvement District has a member At Large position open. Interested parties can fill out an application form and submit to the LID. Unlike the district positions, the At Large position represents all lakes in the watershed.
  • Other:
    • Bruce Meyer, President, purchased a new microphone and cable for the GLA sound system.
    • Carp fencing will be done again this spring in 2020 between Little Green Lake and Lake Ellen.
    • The topic of GLA participating in the Ki Chi Saga Day parade, using the GLA sound system to have music on the float.

Group discussed promoting Ojiketa Regional Park public activities to our membership. Possibly putting up a sign at the beach so the public knows they can stop to swim, play in the sand or hike the trails. All recognized many lake homeowners have little awareness of the park, many think it is private property.

Meeting adjourned.

Who’s Lake Is This Anyway?

(The following is an excerpt from the University of Wisconsin Extension 2009 publication “ Choosing the Right Waterfront Property” .)

When you purchase land on the edge of one of Wisconsin’s lakes or rivers, you are essentially buying property on the edge of a “public park.” Wisconsin’s waters belong to all of us. Wisconsin’s Public Trust Doctrine grants rights for all of us to use the waters of the state and grants waterfront property owners certain additional rights.

The public has the right to swim, boat, fish or walk in the water right to the shoreline edge of your property. Healthy watersheds make healthy lakes and higher property values. The quality of our lakes and streams is ultimately a reflection of how we take care of the land area that drains to our waterways. Natural shorelines full of trees and native plants form the foundation of a healthy lake or river.

As a waterfront property owner, you can help protect the water quality, and natural beauty of our lakes and streams for yourself, your neighbors and future generations. When you buy waterfront property, you assume part of the responsibility of caring for a lake or river. Your actions on the land as well as in the water affect the health of the lake or river, and everyone’s enjoyment of it.

The State of Minnesota Public Trust Doctrine echos these same sentiments.

Apply for LID Board of Directors Position

The Chisago Lakes Lake Improvement District (LID) is accepting Applications for Appointment for one At Large LID Board of Directors position.

Candidates for the At Large Appointment must be 18 years of age or older and must be owners of real property within District boundaries or be a buyer under contract for deed of property in the District.  The term of the At Large position starts March 2, 2020 and runs until February 1, 2021.  Candidates must submit an Application for Appointment form.

The mission of the District is to restore, preserve, protect and enhance the water resources of the Chisago Lakes Chain of Lakes Watershed.

The LID Board of Directors attend the monthly LID meetings on the first Monday of each month, unless that date is in conflict with a major holiday, 6:30 p.m. at the Chisago County Government Center.  Request an Application for Appointment or seek further LID area information by contacting Jerry Spetzman, LID Administrator at or calling 651-213-8383.  Applications can also be found on the LID web site at (scroll down to Quick Links).

Completed applications must be received by Friday, February 28, 2020 via email, or mail to Jerry Spetzman, 313 North Main Street, Suite 240, Center City, MN 55012.  Applications received after the stated deadline will not be accepted.  Appointment for the At Large Board of Director position will be considered at the March 2, 2020 LID Board meeting.

View, Download or Print LID Board of Directors Position Application