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Meeting Minutes – May 7th, 2017

Green Lake Association Meeting

May 7, 2017 .

Bob Milam, Christine Milam, Connie Mayfield, Bruce Meyer, Cheryl Kempenich, Bret Evers.

Curly Pondleaf spraying went well, in the narrows on Big Green the curly leaf looks good. By the Little Green boat landing it died off.

Spray markers are going to be put out during spray. The spray needs to be done in larger areas (5 acre parcels) because of the type of chemical used. It sinks in a different way than other chemicals. Waiting for the permit from the DNR. Bob will get ahold of Chris from the DNR this week because the milfoil is up. We need a place to deliver the 17 barrels of chemical.

We will have Craig come out and retrofit the boat for the spray. Craig is the person who did the Curly leaf spraying. We could probably have Jeff Hoyt retrofit the piping for the hookup. We will do this after the spraying is done for next year.

Fishing pier is back on, Bill Mack showed up and talked with Carol. Bill will make it 26ft off of the lot line. It should be about 6 weeks to get it in.

Camp Ojekita expanded their dock for tying up to, to go into the park.

Muskrats are out in full force. The otter has been seen on Big Green.

Summer events – 1 st and 3 rd Thursdays of the month is the Floatilla event. Connie will send out a Facebook post. Should we do a potluck?

Lake Management is going to spray the channels in the Back Bay. Bob will contact them to do it.

Fall Meeting – speaker from the Lake Lobbying group (Minnesota Lakes and Rivers). Our positions are up, we need to have a ballot sheet set up at the annual meeting.

Forest Lake’s annual meeting had close to 200 people at their meeting.

102 paying members, that is about 1/3 of the residents/businesses. Spring newsletter brings in the most.

Green Lake Association Meeting April 11, 2017

It snowed a couple inches yesterday. It is 49 our today and into the 60s for the weekend.

Bob Milam, Christine Milam, Kevin Murphy, Bruce Meyer, Cheryl Kempenich, Bret Evers .

Newsletter is done. Christine waiting on UPS for an estimate for cost and getting it out.

Should we add another page to the newsletter? Or shrink the ads down?  Should we add a blurb on facebook about advertisers? Connie is doing a great job of adding to Facebook.

Hunters took out 800 muskrats this past fall.  It didn’t make a dent.  

We received a check from Midwest One Bank. New businesses that may want to support the association should be contacted in the near future.

Funds are good, we need to use some of the funds.  We are at $40k.  We have enough to spray with the money we have.

The other lake associations are only spraying for curly leaf, not milfoil.  Curly leaf has been on the lake for decades.

New aquatic spray company has bid a good price with a new solution.  He is going to bring out 30 gal barrels with chemicals instead of individual containers. He takes care of the barrels and it is much less expensive. He has done this before.  We hope this is a great option.  If it goes well we will keep using him for other treatments.  If this is quick we could socialize the boat with other lake associations. He will train our guys and the Lake Coalition. Pricing is not the lowest because he is involved but once we see this work we wouldn’t need him.  We are still using Lake Management for the channels.  The lighter adapter is installed so we have the GPS available to map our spraying. We could already treat for curly leaf. The DNR won’t give us a permit for milfoil until they come out and inspect. Maps need to be put on the website. 70 acres has a permit – we only did 19 acres last year.

Are we putting buoys out for the channels? Yes we will put something out.

Lake Ellen carp harvest is still possible but it probably won’t happen this year.  The cost was really expensive.

Indians came out and netted the walleye this past weekend. A lot came out of Little Green.

We will put the City Dock in Saturday, April 29th at 10:30am, only a few people are needed.

Next week there is meeting in St Paul, Minnesota Water Action Days. Bruce is going there. It is a time to talk to the legislator about the concerns for the local lakes.  8am-4pm.

Zebra mussel workshop –

Forest Lake Association Meeting is next Thursday, Bob and Bruce are going.  Forest Lake, Clear Lake and Bone Lake are part of the same lake association.

Treasurers Report – checking $29,789.02, CD 1 – $5,478.60, CD 2 – $10,613.96

Fun events – Floating gathering. Picnic at Camp Ojiketa

Green Lake Home Sales Report: Jan-Sept, 2016

Street Address Price Acres Style Beds Baths Sq FT Yr Built
9975 Bonnie Glen Parkway $96,100 0.1 1 Story 1 1 700 1951
9935 Bonnie Glen Parkway $164,000 0.1 1 Story 2 1 919 1952
27125 Jonquil Drive $161,500 0.5 1 Story 2 1 780 1951
27379 Jonquil Drive $184,000 0.3 1 Story 2 2 990 1949
29126 Old Towne Road $295,000 0.3 3 Story 3 2 2045 1916
27970 Kent Avenue $313,500 0.7 1 Story 4 2 2112 1956
10420 Kismet Isle $325,000 0.6 1 Story 3 2 1956 1972
27822 Kent Court $364,900 0.6 Split 3 3 2164 1990
28495 Johnson Lane $406,900 0.7 1.5 Story 3 3 2424 1920
9041 Lake Boulevard $400,000 2.7 1 Story 2 3 2340 1988
26022 Sunset Drive $452,429 0.8 2 Story 4 3 2486 2015
25651 Jeffery Avenue $463,000 3.9 1 Story 6 4 5480 1993
9047 Lake Boulevard $535,000 3.4 1 Story 3 2 1615 1988
25703 Jeffery Avenue $675,000 3.9 1 Story 4 3 4652 1992
Ridge Point Townhomes Price Acres Style Beds Baths Sq FT Yr Built
27699 Woodland Drive $145,000 0 Town Hm 2 1 1077 2000
10898 Woodland Drive $187,500 0 Town Hm 2 2 1338 2000
27714 Woodland Drive $190,000 0 Town Hm 2 1 1454 1999
27751 Woodland Drive $227,900 0 Town Hm 2 2 1454 2001
27720 Woodland Drive $267,875 0 Town Hm 2 2 1528 2000
27710 Ridge Point Drive $345,000 0 Town Hm 3 2 1600 1997

Meeting Minutes 7/25/16

Green Lake Association Meeting

July 25, 2016, temp the past week was in the upper 90, today was beautiful in the mid-80’s. We had 3 inches of rain on Saturday. High winds on Thursday morning caused some damage to trees and boat lifts.

Bruce Meyer, Bob Milam, Christine Milam, Bret Evers, Cheryl Kempenich, Kevin Murphey

New Business

The boat has been put to bed for the year. Roger said we could keep the boat over there.

Weeds are strange this year, they are horrible. We need to make a spray path in Dog Fish Bay, where Roger lives. The clarity was bad when the heat was up in the 90’s. Good news about the farm runoff, the water is crystal clear. We are down 1.9ft from normal.

Ki Chi Saga is coming up, August 20-21 st . Volunteers needed for the LID booth.

Annual meeting, should we have a Saturday morning meeting? Saturday, October 29th? Or Thursday, October 27th?

Connie will contact Bill Mack and John Ollinger from the City of Lindstrom as our speaker to talk about the Water Trail System for Kayak, Canoe and Paddle boarding with a map.

Bruce will go to the LID meeting to talk to them about getting a wheelchair accessible dock/pier. He will try to get some funding from the LID and DNR.

Facebook is going well. Lots of likes and visitors to the site. We need to get homeowners pictures for the website.

New homes going up on the lake. There are still homes on the lake with outhouses.

Treasurer’s Report

Cheryl presented the bank statements.

CD’s are going to be changed out of Julie Vick’s name, they are going to have to change the login to a business login instead of personal CD. CDs are automatically renewed annually. If we would have known we could have gotten an higher interest rate.

We received the check from the DNR for the grant. We submitted a request from the LID for money.

Cheryl found out it was going to cost $5.00 to get paper statements, we are now going paperless.

  • Checking – $36,654.66
  • Income – $11,299.52
  • Expenses – $15,546.47
  • CD-1 $5,473.10
  • CD-2 $10,590.14

We should be getting a check from the recycling company for a couple hundred soon. They picked up the recycling last week.

Lamba EOS Decontamination Unit

The Lamba EOS decontamination unit was at Little Green lake landing July 6th. Below is a description of where the unit will be located and how it is used.


In 2015, Chisago County purchased a Lambda EOS decontamination unit. The decontamination unit is used to apply hot water to watercraft to kill zebra mussels. The decontamination unit will rotate among the 10 most heavily used public water access in Chisago and northern Washington Counties. These accesses include Chisago/South Lindstrom, East Rush, Forest 1, Forest 3, Green, Little Green, North Center, Osceola, South Center, and Taylors Falls Lions Club landing.


Chisago Lakes Water Trail

GLA members,

Chisago  County is working to create a water trail system in which people kayaking and canoeing can navigate amongst the Chisago Chain of Lakes. Most of the trail system can be accomplished without portaging a canoe or kayak.

If you are interested in knowing more about this new venture by the county, you are welcome to attend the Chisago Lakes Water Trail Summit meeting on Sat May 7.  The meeting will be held at 9:00am at the Chisago Lakes Library.

See PDF Copy of the Chisago Lakes Water Trail Announcement.

Meeting Minutes 4/11/16

April 11, 2016, 2016, temp today is 40 and sunny. This weekend is supposed to be in the 70s. Ice out was on March 16 and 17th. We had a hugely windy day that day that really got the ice going. Lake temp is at 42 degrees.

Bruce Meyer, Bob Milam, Christine Milam, Bret Evers, Cheryl Kempenich, Kevin Murphey

Back Bay owners are nervous about putting markers for the channel without DNR and our ok. We are fine with that. Bruce will talk to the person who would do it again. This way they would stay in the channel and keep them safe.

LID is still flowing over the weir. The cattails on Little Green are bent over from so much water. Saturday, Bruce said there was a thin layer of ice on the lake.

There were a ton of pelicans on Big Green. Haven’t seen the geese.

3rd week of June is the estimate for treating Milfoil. On spray day, Byron Moe will take the boat trailer and fix the bunks on it. Because of the budget cuts we will have to spray the Curly leaf with our spray boat. 10th of June we should check to see if it’s ready to spray. If you have a grant from the state you are grandfathered in for the next year as long as you get it in on time. We need to review how much we need to spray and where to spray. We need to ask the DNR how much we can spray in the Back Bay.

Chisago City Council meeting is Tuesday April 26th.  Steve Paquay is speaking on the behalf of the LID.  Steve will be talking about adding “rain gardens” and other approaches to minimize run off into the lakes for the Old Town Road reconstruction. Steve from LID said the City of Chisago did not budget any money for rain gardens for the road construction on Old Town Road for Green Lake. We have no rain gardens as of yet for runoff. LID wants us to go to the City meeting to let them know we need rain gardens.

City Dock, April 30th or the first weekend in May. People are already putting their boats in to fish. If the weir is still flowing the waders will be overflowing when in the water and it will be very cold. Connie will send out a memo through an e-mail. 3-4 needed, 6 max. We have new bolts for easy attachment.

The Little Green boat landing heaved again this year.

If Esmays sell their homes we need someplace to leave the boat.

$530 in membership dues (11 renewals). One volunteer offered support.

Website hasn’t been transferred yet. Links (City, County, DNR, LID, Lakes Coalition, Water testing and septic test for selling, FaceBook, sponsors, other lakes, park trails, etc) Do we need anything password protected? Can we add Donate now, membership form, PayPal. We can post things on the website or Facebook to add updates such as when spraying is happening and other events.

Prep work needs to be done on the spray boat before it is used. Need the tabs, and get the motors all fired up and change oil, make sure the pumps are operational. Transfer pump, automated pump to transfer a 250 gallon tote, this could be purchased instead of the 5 gallon each.

We need certified in chemical spraying because Kevin Hogie is moving and won’t be our chemical cert. Private Pesticide Applicator Certification.  is the web site.