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Meeting Minutes – Jan 9th 2019

Green Lake Association Meeting

January 9, 2019

Bruce Meyer, Connie Mayfield, Bob Milam, Christine Milam,  Cheryl Kempenich, Lori Richert present

March 4th is the date the ice houses need to be off the lakes.

Crappie tournament with the Lion’s club, is May 4th 7-11:30 am,

May 16th –Phragmites (a vegetative plant) invasive species class will bring an understanding of what this invasive species are and what they do. Gary Shoemaker and Bruce are going to go around the lake to see if there are any on the lakeshore.  If they are on the lake, the owner will be able to contact the LID to get rid of it. Mary and Nancy can help with verifying it.

Vote to move the Annual meeting to Spring.  Elections move to Spring also. Everyone agreed to moving both.

Spring Meeting Agenda

Where:  Uncommon Loon  Date:: April 28th Sunday afternoon   Time: afternoon – 2-4:00 Food – Pulled pork

Suggestd Speakers – Phil Moore – DNR , Joe Rodgers – boat inspections. Speakers for weeds. Shoreline Restoration.

Spring Newsletter  for end of March, UPS for printing again.

Raise the rates for Dues – Members – $40, Business Membership – $125 – need more business sponsors.

No DNR money again this year, Mark Koran is the contact but no info yet.   But we did get the LID grant. We would have been better off financially if it weren’t for the updated boat repairs.  We will donate to Minnesota Lakes and Rivers Organization to help them get Grants going again in Minnesota.

St. Croix Grant money is to be used for city dock– Lori will check on when the project design needs to be submitted – she believes it needs to be done by end of June. John Peckman is the City Manager that should be contacted on this.

Renting the pontoon to other lake associations for weed spraying – issue was they wanted us to be the volunteers.  There would be a liability issue with doing this.

Finances CD-1:$10,645.19, CD-2 $10,707.90   Checking – $26.918.51 $1589 in the black after expenses.  We did ok even though we lost the DNR grant. Since October $1400 in dues paid.

501.C4 status – we should stay at that.  It just means it isn’t tax deductible.

We agreed to prepay for the Navigation channels this year. Cheryl will write the check.

Bruce is fixing up new chemical markers for spraying. People are giving him large, empty, plastic containers to use for the markers.  They are see-through so the warning signs can be seen.

Bruce would like to step down from President.  He would still be involved and would still like to do AIS, the Wier, LID meetings, Christine would like to step down from secretary and just do the newsletter.   

Go–Fund–Me would work for new Boat Motor for the pontoon, and possible AIS treatments down the road.  

LID Meeting elections – they need to get voters in – February 4th. Suggested we get Absentee ballots.  The board members need our support.

Lake clean up – March 3rd  when the ice houses need to be off.   Sunday morning 10-12am.

Place for the GLA pontoon – we need to find a new home for it. Bruce was going to hit up John Boyer from Lake Canvas.

Frankie is not doing the Carp Tournament, so the Lions Club will take it over again.  Only a one day event. The Lions need our help at the landings.

Tagging the Carp – a university is doing a study and need them rounded up to tag the carp.    

Carp Fencing – it is happening again this year.  LID and Bruce will put it up again but will need volunteers to clean out the fence.

Muskrats were trapped and taken by trappers around the lake.  Russians buy the fur from these trappers.

Water clarity disk for water quality is being taken over by Bruce from Rick Eckstrom.  Rick has been doing this for years. It’s time for him to let someone else do it on our lake.  We need a new person to gather the information. Add a write up on Rick who has been doing this for years in the newsletter.

We will discuss the Flotilla at the next meeting.

Meeting Minutes – October 8, 2018

October 8, 2018

Lori Reichert, Bruce Meyer, Kevin Murphy, Bob Milam, Connie Mayfield

Newsletter status – Christine Milam is working on final product, should be ready to go to printer
in a few days.

A grant was awarded to GLA from Chisago Area Lakes Foundation for $1000 to be used for beautification of the city dock area at corner of Stinson & West. There was discussion of our non-profit status, the board understood the association is a 501 (c) 3, but later it was clarified by Cheryl Kempenich – GLA Treasurer that we are 501 (c) 4 which may not qualify GLA for the grant dollars. Bruce later informed the Foundation of this information and we are awaiting their feedback. If approved Bruce will be attending the Foundation’s Award ceremony at Ojiketa Park this coming Saturday evening.

Treasurer’s Report – noted to date we are in the negative of $566. Bruce asked Connie to remind members to pay their dues.

Recycling cans is in good shape. Discussion on if we should have a sign more noticeable on Old Towne Rd, near where the recycle bin was before, directing people to the new location.

Next annual membership meeting will be in Spring 2019. Bruce reminded the Board that since changing the annual meeting to spring, election for new officers would then be Spring of 2020.

Bruce met with Senator Mark Koran to discuss concerns with lack of DNR funding for the fight against AIS. Without DNR grant dollars lake associations are finding it costly to treat the lakes.
There were 80+ MN lake associations applied for DNR grant dollars of which $1M out of the $10M was awarded to lake associations in the past. Bruce asked Mark for help in getting those
dollars back again.

Leaf Clean Up at the public landings on Green Lake will be held Saturday Oct 27, starting at 9:00am. The other lake associations are also having a Leaf Clean up on the same day at their
respective public landings.

Meeting will be held Oct 25 on the next invasive species – Phragmites threatening our lakes. More info will be sent out to the membership on this meeting.

Gary Schumacher from Chisago Lindstrom Lake Assn and Bruce will tour Green Lake for phragmites Oct 11. CLLA members have recently surveyed their lake and found several areas
where this invasive species is growing. The University of Mn is doing research the impact of phragmite’s is having on MN lakes.

Hook Line & Sinkers at both landings will be taken down when the docks are pulled.

Closure of the weir from Little Green into Lake Ellen will be closed at the end of the month.

Meeting Adjourned.

Meeting Minutes – January 31, 2018

January 31, 2018

Bob Milam, Christine Milam, Bruce Meyer, Connie Mayfield, Kevin Murphy, Cheryl Kempenich, Lori Reichert

Lori found out it would not be a good idea to become a non-profit. Better to be an association.

  • What should we do with the money in our checking? Cheryl checked into CDs –
  • Feb CD that is $5k add $5k from checking and put it in a 30 month
  • When CD that matures in July if we have enough money we should put it into another 30 month and if the funds are still good, add another $5k to it.
  • Online reoccurring payment for the GLA Dues, would this be something we could get set up?

Spring Meeting

  • Sunday afternoon – April 29th, 2:00-5:00pm – Camp Ojekita
  • Kevin will talk with Bill Mack to see if we can get a discount at Camp Ojekita
  • Speaker – Frankie
  • Bob will call Mike to see when the permits will be needed.
  • Food – pulled pork, baked beans, potato salad, chips, water, pop

Can Recycling

  • They are supposed to pick it up, it hadn’t been picked up yet.
  • Dave Carr is taken over the Responsibility
  • Christine will make a Sign – No Paper, plastic or cardboard in the bin

Lion’s Crappie Tournament on the 6 lakes in the area

  • May 5th – the weigh in for the fish will be at Green Lake Landing
  • They want the GLA part of it because of our non-profit status for donations because the Lion’s is a 501c4
  • Volunteers may be needed. But we aren’t sure yet. More to come.
  • There will be hot-dogs and hamburgers and stuff at Frankie’s and the awards.

St Croix River Association Survey

  • Who wants to Respond? Survey Monkey – Bob, Lori and Kevin did it.

2018 Projects

  • Lake Clean up – once ice houses are off. So far the lake is clean of garbage. Connie and Bruce were out
    on the lake. Ice out is March 4th. Bob will head that up. Connie will send out a volunteer request.
  • City Dock Installation – Bruce and Kevin will monitor that when it needs to go in.
  • City Reconstruction – Monica said it is not a done deal, they are hush, hush on it at the moment.
  • Final Beach Cleanup – there is just a little bit left to do to clean it up and it is good to go.
  • Winter Blast was last weekend, they had sled dogs at Camp Ojekita. There were lots of activities
  • Volunteers for the 3 LID booths – Home Show which is coming up the first weekend in March, Carl
    Oscar Days, Chisago City Days
  • Funds for AIS and the Navigation Channels – $500-$1000. Bruce would go to the City Council. They use
    to give money to the GLA. Bob suggested he bring up more than just the navigation channel and the
    rain gardens.
  • Starry Stonewart weed conference in Minneapolis is coming up, who can or wants to go. Lori will
    check it out and maybe go.

Meeting Minutes – September 6th, 2017

Present: Cheryl Kempenich, Bruce Meyer, Bob Milam, Bret Evers, Connie Mayfield, Monica Kinny

Fishing Pier – Pier is in and people are using it. City is now pushing back on putting a concrete
sidewalk to the pier, prefer to just raise the pier up so there is less slope for users.

Ojiketa Beach – has been cleaned of vegetation and beach enlarged. Areas looks really nice, needs sand
which should come next spring, and a couple more picnic tables. There were 10-12 boats at the beach
on Sunday of Labor Day. Suggested that we plan a GLA meeting there in the future.

GLA pontoon has had some improvements made this summer to help regulate chemicals to flow into
the lake. There was a roll up door/platform installed to help with rolling barrels of chemical onto the
boat. Also, a toggle switch was installed for better control of chemical rate.

Annual meeting is set for Oct 12 at public library. Casey Thiel – Soil & Water Conservation will be
speaking, as well as Monica Kinny regarding water quality.

Bret Evers announced he is stepping down as Vice President, Cheryl Kempenich has expressed interest
in the VP position, therefore the treasurer position would open up for 2017-2019.

Financials – we are in excellent standing with $45,300. Will use some of the monies towards a
membership social in 2018.

Recycling cans is moving steadily, but the price of aluminum is down so we do not get as much monies
as in the past.

Meeting Minutes – July 31, 2017

Green Lake Association Meeting

July 31, 2017 –

Bob Milam, Christine Milam, Bruce Meyer, Connie Mayfield, Kevin Murphy

Lake Management is spraying channels in the Back Bay again for an overgrowth of native weeds.

Native plants are taking over the lake this year and weed control is not working well. Coontail and Wild Celery is heavy
by the Imm’s but is a native.

Water temps are up – they are at 83 degrees.

Paul Imm is changing the layout of the boat to allow barrels of chemicals to be rolled up onto the boat by widening the
door and making a door that drops down as a ramp. And he is making a transfer for the pump to allow to switch
between barrel or smaller containers.

The Little Green Fishing Pier has been used quit a bit. We saw a lot of people using it this past weekend. It should be
easy to remove in the fall but we will let the city do that. It is only 2 pieces to bring out of the water.

Camp Ojekita Beach needs some help – we will try to get volunteers to help clear brush and debris and make it more

Annual meeting is set for Thursday, October 12th @ 6:30pm at the Chisago Library. We will try to get Casey Theil t talk
about water quality and how we can help our lake with water quality. We will talk about boat improvements. Have
water and cookies. Have newsletters and any other info on the table.

We have over $40k in the bank, waiting on money from the LID – we need to go to the LID meeting in a week to find out
how much we will get.

Meeting Minutes – May 7th, 2017

Green Lake Association Meeting

May 7, 2017 .

Bob Milam, Christine Milam, Connie Mayfield, Bruce Meyer, Cheryl Kempenich, Bret Evers.

Curly Pondleaf spraying went well, in the narrows on Big Green the curly leaf looks good. By the Little Green boat landing it died off.

Spray markers are going to be put out during spray. The spray needs to be done in larger areas (5 acre parcels) because of the type of chemical used. It sinks in a different way than other chemicals. Waiting for the permit from the DNR. Bob will get ahold of Chris from the DNR this week because the milfoil is up. We need a place to deliver the 17 barrels of chemical.

We will have Craig come out and retrofit the boat for the spray. Craig is the person who did the Curly leaf spraying. We could probably have Jeff Hoyt retrofit the piping for the hookup. We will do this after the spraying is done for next year.

Fishing pier is back on, Bill Mack showed up and talked with Carol. Bill will make it 26ft off of the lot line. It should be about 6 weeks to get it in.

Camp Ojekita expanded their dock for tying up to, to go into the park.

Muskrats are out in full force. The otter has been seen on Big Green.

Summer events – 1 st and 3 rd Thursdays of the month is the Floatilla event. Connie will send out a Facebook post. Should we do a potluck?

Lake Management is going to spray the channels in the Back Bay. Bob will contact them to do it.

Fall Meeting – speaker from the Lake Lobbying group (Minnesota Lakes and Rivers). Our positions are up, we need to have a ballot sheet set up at the annual meeting.

Forest Lake’s annual meeting had close to 200 people at their meeting.

102 paying members, that is about 1/3 of the residents/businesses. Spring newsletter brings in the most.

Green Lake Association Meeting April 11, 2017

It snowed a couple inches yesterday. It is 49 our today and into the 60s for the weekend.

Bob Milam, Christine Milam, Kevin Murphy, Bruce Meyer, Cheryl Kempenich, Bret Evers .

Newsletter is done. Christine waiting on UPS for an estimate for cost and getting it out.

Should we add another page to the newsletter? Or shrink the ads down?  Should we add a blurb on facebook about advertisers? Connie is doing a great job of adding to Facebook.

Hunters took out 800 muskrats this past fall.  It didn’t make a dent.  

We received a check from Midwest One Bank. New businesses that may want to support the association should be contacted in the near future.

Funds are good, we need to use some of the funds.  We are at $40k.  We have enough to spray with the money we have.

The other lake associations are only spraying for curly leaf, not milfoil.  Curly leaf has been on the lake for decades.

New aquatic spray company has bid a good price with a new solution.  He is going to bring out 30 gal barrels with chemicals instead of individual containers. He takes care of the barrels and it is much less expensive. He has done this before.  We hope this is a great option.  If it goes well we will keep using him for other treatments.  If this is quick we could socialize the boat with other lake associations. He will train our guys and the Lake Coalition. Pricing is not the lowest because he is involved but once we see this work we wouldn’t need him.  We are still using Lake Management for the channels.  The lighter adapter is installed so we have the GPS available to map our spraying. We could already treat for curly leaf. The DNR won’t give us a permit for milfoil until they come out and inspect. Maps need to be put on the website. 70 acres has a permit – we only did 19 acres last year.

Are we putting buoys out for the channels? Yes we will put something out.

Lake Ellen carp harvest is still possible but it probably won’t happen this year.  The cost was really expensive.

Indians came out and netted the walleye this past weekend. A lot came out of Little Green.

We will put the City Dock in Saturday, April 29th at 10:30am, only a few people are needed.

Next week there is meeting in St Paul, Minnesota Water Action Days. Bruce is going there. It is a time to talk to the legislator about the concerns for the local lakes.  8am-4pm.

Zebra mussel workshop –

Forest Lake Association Meeting is next Thursday, Bob and Bruce are going.  Forest Lake, Clear Lake and Bone Lake are part of the same lake association.

Treasurers Report – checking $29,789.02, CD 1 – $5,478.60, CD 2 – $10,613.96

Fun events – Floating gathering. Picnic at Camp Ojiketa

Green Lake Home Sales Report: Jan-Sept, 2016

Street Address Price Acres Style Beds Baths Sq FT Yr Built
9975 Bonnie Glen Parkway $96,100 0.1 1 Story 1 1 700 1951
9935 Bonnie Glen Parkway $164,000 0.1 1 Story 2 1 919 1952
27125 Jonquil Drive $161,500 0.5 1 Story 2 1 780 1951
27379 Jonquil Drive $184,000 0.3 1 Story 2 2 990 1949
29126 Old Towne Road $295,000 0.3 3 Story 3 2 2045 1916
27970 Kent Avenue $313,500 0.7 1 Story 4 2 2112 1956
10420 Kismet Isle $325,000 0.6 1 Story 3 2 1956 1972
27822 Kent Court $364,900 0.6 Split 3 3 2164 1990
28495 Johnson Lane $406,900 0.7 1.5 Story 3 3 2424 1920
9041 Lake Boulevard $400,000 2.7 1 Story 2 3 2340 1988
26022 Sunset Drive $452,429 0.8 2 Story 4 3 2486 2015
25651 Jeffery Avenue $463,000 3.9 1 Story 6 4 5480 1993
9047 Lake Boulevard $535,000 3.4 1 Story 3 2 1615 1988
25703 Jeffery Avenue $675,000 3.9 1 Story 4 3 4652 1992
Ridge Point Townhomes Price Acres Style Beds Baths Sq FT Yr Built
27699 Woodland Drive $145,000 0 Town Hm 2 1 1077 2000
10898 Woodland Drive $187,500 0 Town Hm 2 2 1338 2000
27714 Woodland Drive $190,000 0 Town Hm 2 1 1454 1999
27751 Woodland Drive $227,900 0 Town Hm 2 2 1454 2001
27720 Woodland Drive $267,875 0 Town Hm 2 2 1528 2000
27710 Ridge Point Drive $345,000 0 Town Hm 3 2 1600 1997