Meeting Minutes – April 15th 2022

Attendees:  Board –  Jason Houle    Michelle Carlson    Travis Lamotte     Cheryl Kempenich

Guest, Mark from the City

Old Agenda items:

  1. 501C Jason to check with accountant on how to edit the 501c. Travis will apply for the 501c if needed.
  2. Board Meeting Terms/ start and finish should be documented on our website and bylaws – adding our pictures and terms to site. Document in an Excel spreadsheet- Michelle taking this task.
  3. Accounting Update by Cheryl- The Accounting laptop is no longer working and Cheryl is backing up the finances in a separate system. Hoping accounting and members can be tracked on the website.
    1. Boat insurance is coming due at the end of May, need to add insurance for the new motor and board members.
  4. Lake Clean up was a success.
    1. Next year, we will have a sign up sheet that includes start time and where to report, send out a reminder email/notice.
    2. Items to drive, ATV, snowmobiles, pull behind trailers
    3. Items to bring- Hammer, garbage bags, chisel.
    4. Confirm who organizes the garbage removal
  5. Website- viewing and review
    1. Hoping to launch website by April 15th.
    2. Send email and FB post on website
  6. Spring newsletter
    1. Mailed out on 4/13/2022
    2. We will send the newsletter by email and FB post by 4/15.
  7. Spring Social Event
    1. At the loon – 5/1 at 4pm
    2. Talked through Agenda and speakers
  8. Treatment Boat engine-Boat motor is installed and ready for pickup, Travis to pick up for final maintenance.
    1. Waiting for water to be at 55 degrees before treating can be done.
    2. DNR will be dropping off a semi full of Walleye next month.
  9. 2022 Treatments
    1. Both treatments have been sent in.
    2. Applied for 2 grants already.
    3. DNR now will email the President email address of GLA.

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