Present: Bob Milam, Cheryl Kempenich, Jason Houle, Bruce Meyer, Connie Mayfield


Finances – Cheryl report the current balance is $31,285.  The fall newsletter with mailing came to $640 (note we used Copy Pro, which were very easy to work with and got the newsletter out in a timely manner).

Board decided to move forward and pay Lake Management this fall for the navigational channels for 2020. When paid in advance we receive a discount. Bruce asked what forms/process needs to be completed once Bruce steps down and Jason steps into the President role. There is only one form to sign in person at Midwest One. 

Navigational Channels – Bruce recommended an additional channel be established for the 2 new and 2 existing homes off 257th Street as it is very weedy back there and difficult to get out to the bigger part of the lake. The cost would be about $800. Bob was going to check with DNR about adding another pathway.

Point Intercept Mapping (PIM)– Discussed at the last meeting, conducting a PIM to map AIS on the lake, would enable the association to get a be more strategic how spray treatments are conducted each year. Last PIM was completed 5-6 years ago. Bob recommended the company called Blue Waters to do the PIM and to have it completed spring 2021. The Lake Improvement District has funded these in the past and Bruce will talk with Jerry Spetzman from the LID.

Whole Lake AIS Treatment – At the last meeting it was discussed to treat the entire lake for AIS. The price of treating the entire lake is prohibited for the association. We need to get more information on the effectiveness of treating the entire lake plus find if DNR would approve and if there are any grant dollars from DNR or LID to assist.

Promotional Products – Jason suggested the association give out mugs, flags, boat cushions, etc.  with GLA logo on the items for people who join the association above the basic membership of $40 or donate money. The board thought it was a great idea and Jason will pursue the costs.

Spring Meeting – Due to the Corvid-19 virus the association could not conduct the annual membership meeting in 2020. The board decided to schedule a meeting for spring 2021 at the Uncommon Loon, with the appropriate set up to comply with the restrictions set forth by the State of Minnesota, if they still apply.  If the pandemic still exists, there maybe only a handful of members who attend. But that is still enough to vote in new officers.  The last 2 Spring Annual meetings over 100 people attended.

Meeting adjourned.