Present- Jason Houle – President, Cheryl Kempenich – Treasurer, Travis LaMotte, Connie Mayfield


    1. Vice President position.
      Jason nominated Travis LaMotte for the VP position that Jason previously held. Board approved.
    2. By -Laws Overview
      Jason asked the board members to review the associations by-laws, they need to be updated to reflect the associations mission and operating practices. Cheryl stated that the current by-laws have only one signature on bank account. She recommended that it be changed to 2 signatures.
    3. 501c 4 to 501c 3 overview
      Everyone agreed that the association needs to become 501c 3 non-profit rather than the current 501c 4. Thus, updating the by-laws is an important first step.
    4. City Dock Overview
      The concrete has been laid at the City Dock (at the corner of West & Stinson). Jason talked to the City about adding another dock extension- 60 ft to the existing dock so more boaters can tie up to walk into town. Board felt this was a good move as the current dock is limited.
    5. Shrink Wrap Pontoon
      Board approved for the treatment boat to be shrink wrapped at the end of the season, as the previous wrap of 3 yrs. is too worn.
    6. Volunteer Objectives
      Jason talked about the desire to have established volunteers take on specific tasks that they will handle throughout the year, rather than one-time volunteers. For example, Spencer & Tucker Dally will oversee the carp barrier installation and removal.
    7. Carp Fence
      Barrier has been installed. A The Dally brother installed it a couple weeks ago and will handle it going forward. Jason will handle the permitting with DNR & MNDOT.
    8. Point Intercept
      Point Intercept survey has been completed by DNR on Little Green Lake for AIS. Jason was not sure where the money is coming from to do the treatment. More on this as it evolves.
    9. CLP and Milfoil treatment overview
      Curly leaf Pondweed treatment was completed today May 11.Overview of Milfoil treatment, Jason would like to see the treatment boat outfitted with electronics to modernize the operation for spraying. And would like to take nonessential weight out of the boat, to be able to get more chemical onto the boat. Jason also discussed needing specific drop locations for chemical, so boat does not have to keep going back to a landing to resupply, and support teams established. Established dates and back updates for when weather conditions force cancellation.
    10. Expanding the lake spirit ideas
      Jason would like to see the association have a wider range of activities besides AIS treatment. Ideas such as fireworks on the lake for July 4th, Spring Meetings, Music on the Lake. The board agreed to expand the association’s scope.
    11. Tumblers
      Jason has 2 cases of tumblers left; Connie stated she has about 15 left. Connie will continue to keep members posted how to purchase the tumblers.
    12. Website Overview
      Kemteck has donated their services to manage the GLA website. Not all the updates have been made. It will be rolled out when it is finished.
    13. Secretary position replacement
      Lori Reichert has stepped down as Secretary. Jason has suggested to the board an individual but has not talked to them directly. Will do so in the coming weeks.
    14. Treasurers Report
      Cheryl reported the association has 3 CD’s, $28,000 in checking account. She recently paid the boat insurance and tabs for the trailer. Cheryl suggested the association should have a designated reserve fund when there is no grant money from DNR.
    15. Open Discussion
      Jason has talked to Lake Management about group shoreline treatment that would make it easier for property owners and possibly get a discount. Lake Management stated that the DNR has limits on how many property owners can treat their shoreline on a lake. There was some discussion on informing members when fishing tournaments are held on the lake. To do this we need to find our who are the sponsors of tournaments, besides Frankie’s.

Meeting Adjourned.