Attendees:  Bruce Meyer, Cheryl Kempenich, Jason Houle, Bob Milam, Lori Reichert and Denise Houle

Chisago City Entry on Stinson off Public Dock –   Lori

  1. The Chisago City arch is in.  We’ll wait for the sidewalks to be poured before contacting Casey to place the flowers. Casey wanted to plant in the fall anyway.
  2. We’ll also check with Casey to see whether the butterfly garden money could be contributed to this as well as the city money we received for the gardens

AIS Treatments – Bob and Bruce

  1. Per Bruce, we may need another $300 pump to make the pontoon spraying more efficient and reduce the time it takes  it was an all-day project for the Green Lake team last time).
  2. The money we get from the Lake Improvement District (LID) should be about the same next year as we’re getting this year.
  3. Lake Management also clears some portions of the lake – they cleared a wider than usual channel in the south bay when they cleared weeds.  It is much easier to get boats through back there right now.
  4. The lake has a clarity to 15 feet this year – better than it’s been
  5. Jason did a cost/benefit for doing the ~ $25,000 complete clearing of milfoil and curly leaf weeds in all of Little Green vs. the yearly amount for small portions of the lake and we would be better off doing the complete clear.  Bob Milam will be checking back with his contacts in Clear Lake where the treatment was done to see the results – so far they’re happy with the treatment.  Bob will line up his contact, Mike, for doing the complete treatment to have him attend a board meeting.  Our timeline is to have the decision made before spring when the treatment would be done.  We would want to know if it would matter to wait for a lower water year to do the treatment since the overflow from other lakes into Little Green might bring the weeds back too soon.  Bob said, in the mid-90s, there was a spray put into Little Green to kill all weeds, this new treatment is just for the invasives (and Bob is concerned that non-invasives may fill in where invasives were and they would overtake the lake).

Treasurers report     Cheryl

  1. $52,022.38 is currently in the GLA checking account.
  2. We are down a bit from this time last year. We didn’t have our Annual Meeting this year due to Covid (and it looks like Spring or Fall of 2021 before we can) and that usually brings in more members and annual dues.  We also have some businesses that we have to hit up again.
  3. We are considering sending an invoice to multiple businesses in the area to see if they will join.
  4. Jason suggested raising annual dues (however we just did that last year) and offering a gift for being a member and sending in dues.

Website Overview      Jason Houle

  1. Jason will rewrite the purpose statement for GLA that appears on the website and we can review that at a future GLA board meeting.
  2. Overview of Social Media shows we need to develop more methods for reaching people with pertinent information.  Perhaps rely more on electronic interactions but print the Newsletter just one time per year.  The e-mails Connie sends out are very useful and are one of the ways social media is working.
  3. Jason will be looking at updating and controlling the site – Jason getting rid of irrelevant material on the website.  Suggests having more photos of how the lake is being used year around – advertise it as the full recreational lake that it is.
  4. Generating income is a top priority.  Need to develop a means for making dues payments easier.  Should also put signs up at the boat launches notifying those who are using the lake that they may want to contribute to the GLA to keep the lake in good condition.

Other business.

Submitted by:

Lori Reichert

GLA Secretary