It snowed a couple inches yesterday. It is 49 our today and into the 60s for the weekend.

Bob Milam, Christine Milam, Kevin Murphy, Bruce Meyer, Cheryl Kempenich, Bret Evers .

Newsletter is done. Christine waiting on UPS for an estimate for cost and getting it out.

Should we add another page to the newsletter? Or shrink the ads down?  Should we add a blurb on facebook about advertisers? Connie is doing a great job of adding to Facebook.

Hunters took out 800 muskrats this past fall.  It didn’t make a dent.  

We received a check from Midwest One Bank. New businesses that may want to support the association should be contacted in the near future.

Funds are good, we need to use some of the funds.  We are at $40k.  We have enough to spray with the money we have.

The other lake associations are only spraying for curly leaf, not milfoil.  Curly leaf has been on the lake for decades.

New aquatic spray company has bid a good price with a new solution.  He is going to bring out 30 gal barrels with chemicals instead of individual containers. He takes care of the barrels and it is much less expensive. He has done this before.  We hope this is a great option.  If it goes well we will keep using him for other treatments.  If this is quick we could socialize the boat with other lake associations. He will train our guys and the Lake Coalition. Pricing is not the lowest because he is involved but once we see this work we wouldn’t need him.  We are still using Lake Management for the channels.  The lighter adapter is installed so we have the GPS available to map our spraying. We could already treat for curly leaf. The DNR won’t give us a permit for milfoil until they come out and inspect. Maps need to be put on the website. 70 acres has a permit – we only did 19 acres last year.

Are we putting buoys out for the channels? Yes we will put something out.

Lake Ellen carp harvest is still possible but it probably won’t happen this year.  The cost was really expensive.

Indians came out and netted the walleye this past weekend. A lot came out of Little Green.

We will put the City Dock in Saturday, April 29th at 10:30am, only a few people are needed.

Next week there is meeting in St Paul, Minnesota Water Action Days. Bruce is going there. It is a time to talk to the legislator about the concerns for the local lakes.  8am-4pm.

Zebra mussel workshop –

Forest Lake Association Meeting is next Thursday, Bob and Bruce are going.  Forest Lake, Clear Lake and Bone Lake are part of the same lake association.

Treasurers Report – checking $29,789.02, CD 1 – $5,478.60, CD 2 – $10,613.96

Fun events – Floating gathering. Picnic at Camp Ojiketa