February 20, 2019
Bruce Meyer, Connie Mayfield, Bob Milam, Christine Milam, Lori Richert, Kevin Murphy present

City meeting was last week that showed the plans for Lakeside School. We viewed the plans for the school property. Shelley, who lives next to the property, wants to get a Citizens group together to keep on top of the aware of the issues that could happen if this development proceeds as it looks now. There were a lot of people who were at the meeting.
They claimed the rental property has a higher tax rate. The zoning needs to change to make it residential and commercial. We need to define what our involvement should be: the shoreline, the drainage, anything that has to do with the lake and the shore.

Spring Meeting

  • Pulled Pork, cole slaw, BBQ sauce and chips
  • Bruce will start the meeting and explain what the board has done over the years.
  • Lori will do the Power Point presentation.
  • John Peckman will be the speaker. Casey Theil on matching fund for home owners projects for their shorelines.
  • Elections for Secretary
  • Change in the bylaws from 2 board members to 5 board members. – President, Vice President, Treasure,
    Secretary and one at large. We will check with Cheryl to see if she has done anything with this. Making it so not
    all the board members can leave at once. Because we need to have someone who can help the new board.
    Marketing the positions that help get new ideas on the board.
  • Vote on getting a new motor? We need to look at what the cost is going to be. We also need to give the pitch
    on why we need the new motor. Get a price together to present at the meeting and set up a GoFundMe page.

Chisago Lakes Community Organization Grant is for beautifying the area off Stinson. A report needs to be submitted by June 30th. We have to do this in order to apply for another grant from them. See about moving the snowmobile trail off Stinson to another area.

Water Days Meeting in the legislature is April 10th – Lori and Bruce are going.
Treatment Costs are going up about 8‐10%. If we need to cut back we should cut back on Curly Leaf Treatment.
Without the DNR funding we need extra money for treatment.

$48k in our finances. $11k from the LID for 2019. Hopefully in 2020 we will be getting money from the DNR that is allotted like previous years. In previous years we received $8k from DNR. We should be down this year on amount need to be treated on the lake.

Floatilla will be moved to the area near Ojekita near the toilets.. Other board members need to step up to host a flotilla.

Carp survey – a big portion of carp comes from Big Green. The survey doesn’t really tell us that we are stopping the reproduction of carp, The Carp Barrier has a permit through the DOT, Bruce has a dog crate he thinks will help with cleaning out the grate. Kevin said the carp are spawning by his house.

Lake Clean Up – will not be happening when the ice houses need to be off because we have way too much snow. The dumpster will be at the boat landings for the people to put their trash. Maybe mid‐March someone can go out on the lake and check for trash.

Loon Nest – no one knows where the old ones are but Connie found a place called Loon Care – we would need to add netting around the nest to keep the eagles away from the babies in the nest. The nest needs to be in place when the ice is immediately out. The male starts nesting right away. The nests need to be taken off the lake around July 4th otherwise muskrats chew it up and destroy it.