Green Lake Association September Board of Directors Meeting

Wednesday Sept 25, 2019


Present: Bruce Meyer, Bob Milam, Lori Reichert, Cheryl Kempenich, Connie Mayfield

Absent: Joyce Wilking (Connie took minutes for the meeting)



  • Fall Newsletter Status – Christine Malam was not able to attend meeting but passed along that she needs information from this year’s AIS program and the financials year to date.
  • City Dock Beautification Project – Lori R. reported she in contact with the city. It is likely the plantings GLA was going to fund for the project will not be completed this year, as the city has not started their project at the corner of Stinson & West street where the new dock went in earlier this year. City plans to construct and arch and install fencing. She will keep us posted.
  • Rick Ranheim and Stephanie Brown have offered to store the GLA pontoon at their residence during the fall/winter months. (They purchased the former John Esmay property). We are very grateful for their offer.
  • GPS system for pontoon – Bob M. is looking into systems and will get back on product and price.
  • Can Recycling‐ vendor is very slow to pick up full bins, which is becoming an issue. We expect to get a check for about $400 for the last full bin from September
  • New Banners – two new banners for the recycling bins were purchased for at total of $150. The former ones were weather beaten and falling apart.
  • Phragmites treatment have been completed on N/S Center, Chisago and Lindstrom Lakes. The two properties on Green Lake should be done this week.
  • Financials – Chery K. reported checking account has a current balance of $29,468.84. GLA has 2 CD’s – one has a current balance of $10,805, the second CD has a current balance of $10,726.
  • There will not be a board of directors meeting in December 2019 or January 2020.