Green Lake Association Meeting

July 25, 2016, temp the past week was in the upper 90, today was beautiful in the mid-80’s. We had 3 inches of rain on Saturday. High winds on Thursday morning caused some damage to trees and boat lifts.

Bruce Meyer, Bob Milam, Christine Milam, Bret Evers, Cheryl Kempenich, Kevin Murphey

New Business

The boat has been put to bed for the year. Roger said we could keep the boat over there.

Weeds are strange this year, they are horrible. We need to make a spray path in Dog Fish Bay, where Roger lives. The clarity was bad when the heat was up in the 90’s. Good news about the farm runoff, the water is crystal clear. We are down 1.9ft from normal.

Ki Chi Saga is coming up, August 20-21 st . Volunteers needed for the LID booth.

Annual meeting, should we have a Saturday morning meeting? Saturday, October 29th? Or Thursday, October 27th?

Connie will contact Bill Mack and John Ollinger from the City of Lindstrom as our speaker to talk about the Water Trail System for Kayak, Canoe and Paddle boarding with a map.

Bruce will go to the LID meeting to talk to them about getting a wheelchair accessible dock/pier. He will try to get some funding from the LID and DNR.

Facebook is going well. Lots of likes and visitors to the site. We need to get homeowners pictures for the website.

New homes going up on the lake. There are still homes on the lake with outhouses.

Treasurer’s Report

Cheryl presented the bank statements.

CD’s are going to be changed out of Julie Vick’s name, they are going to have to change the login to a business login instead of personal CD. CDs are automatically renewed annually. If we would have known we could have gotten an higher interest rate.

We received the check from the DNR for the grant. We submitted a request from the LID for money.

Cheryl found out it was going to cost $5.00 to get paper statements, we are now going paperless.

  • Checking – $36,654.66
  • Income – $11,299.52
  • Expenses – $15,546.47
  • CD-1 $5,473.10
  • CD-2 $10,590.14

We should be getting a check from the recycling company for a couple hundred soon. They picked up the recycling last week.