Green Lake Association Meeting

January 9, 2019

Bruce Meyer, Connie Mayfield, Bob Milam, Christine Milam,  Cheryl Kempenich, Lori Richert present

March 4th is the date the ice houses need to be off the lakes.

Crappie tournament with the Lion’s club, is May 4th 7-11:30 am,

May 16th –Phragmites (a vegetative plant) invasive species class will bring an understanding of what this invasive species are and what they do. Gary Shoemaker and Bruce are going to go around the lake to see if there are any on the lakeshore.  If they are on the lake, the owner will be able to contact the LID to get rid of it. Mary and Nancy can help with verifying it.

Vote to move the Annual meeting to Spring.  Elections move to Spring also. Everyone agreed to moving both.

Spring Meeting Agenda

Where:  Uncommon Loon  Date:: April 28th Sunday afternoon   Time: afternoon – 2-4:00 Food – Pulled pork

Suggestd Speakers – Phil Moore – DNR , Joe Rodgers – boat inspections. Speakers for weeds. Shoreline Restoration.

Spring Newsletter  for end of March, UPS for printing again.

Raise the rates for Dues – Members – $40, Business Membership – $125 – need more business sponsors.

No DNR money again this year, Mark Koran is the contact but no info yet.   But we did get the LID grant. We would have been better off financially if it weren’t for the updated boat repairs.  We will donate to Minnesota Lakes and Rivers Organization to help them get Grants going again in Minnesota.

St. Croix Grant money is to be used for city dock– Lori will check on when the project design needs to be submitted – she believes it needs to be done by end of June. John Peckman is the City Manager that should be contacted on this.

Renting the pontoon to other lake associations for weed spraying – issue was they wanted us to be the volunteers.  There would be a liability issue with doing this.

Finances CD-1:$10,645.19, CD-2 $10,707.90   Checking – $26.918.51 $1589 in the black after expenses.  We did ok even though we lost the DNR grant. Since October $1400 in dues paid.

501.C4 status – we should stay at that.  It just means it isn’t tax deductible.

We agreed to prepay for the Navigation channels this year. Cheryl will write the check.

Bruce is fixing up new chemical markers for spraying. People are giving him large, empty, plastic containers to use for the markers.  They are see-through so the warning signs can be seen.

Bruce would like to step down from President.  He would still be involved and would still like to do AIS, the Wier, LID meetings, Christine would like to step down from secretary and just do the newsletter.   

Go–Fund–Me would work for new Boat Motor for the pontoon, and possible AIS treatments down the road.  

LID Meeting elections – they need to get voters in – February 4th. Suggested we get Absentee ballots.  The board members need our support.

Lake clean up – March 3rd  when the ice houses need to be off.   Sunday morning 10-12am.

Place for the GLA pontoon – we need to find a new home for it. Bruce was going to hit up John Boyer from Lake Canvas.

Frankie is not doing the Carp Tournament, so the Lions Club will take it over again.  Only a one day event. The Lions need our help at the landings.

Tagging the Carp – a university is doing a study and need them rounded up to tag the carp.    

Carp Fencing – it is happening again this year.  LID and Bruce will put it up again but will need volunteers to clean out the fence.

Muskrats were trapped and taken by trappers around the lake.  Russians buy the fur from these trappers.

Water clarity disk for water quality is being taken over by Bruce from Rick Eckstrom.  Rick has been doing this for years. It’s time for him to let someone else do it on our lake.  We need a new person to gather the information. Add a write up on Rick who has been doing this for years in the newsletter.

We will discuss the Flotilla at the next meeting.