Green Lake Association Meeting

July 31, 2017 –

Bob Milam, Christine Milam, Bruce Meyer, Connie Mayfield, Kevin Murphy

Lake Management is spraying channels in the Back Bay again for an overgrowth of native weeds.

Native plants are taking over the lake this year and weed control is not working well. Coontail and Wild Celery is heavy
by the Imm’s but is a native.

Water temps are up – they are at 83 degrees.

Paul Imm is changing the layout of the boat to allow barrels of chemicals to be rolled up onto the boat by widening the
door and making a door that drops down as a ramp. And he is making a transfer for the pump to allow to switch
between barrel or smaller containers.

The Little Green Fishing Pier has been used quit a bit. We saw a lot of people using it this past weekend. It should be
easy to remove in the fall but we will let the city do that. It is only 2 pieces to bring out of the water.

Camp Ojekita Beach needs some help – we will try to get volunteers to help clear brush and debris and make it more

Annual meeting is set for Thursday, October 12th @ 6:30pm at the Chisago Library. We will try to get Casey Theil t talk
about water quality and how we can help our lake with water quality. We will talk about boat improvements. Have
water and cookies. Have newsletters and any other info on the table.

We have over $40k in the bank, waiting on money from the LID – we need to go to the LID meeting in a week to find out
how much we will get.