October 8, 2018

Lori Reichert, Bruce Meyer, Kevin Murphy, Bob Milam, Connie Mayfield

Newsletter status – Christine Milam is working on final product, should be ready to go to printer
in a few days.

A grant was awarded to GLA from Chisago Area Lakes Foundation for $1000 to be used for beautification of the city dock area at corner of Stinson & West. There was discussion of our non-profit status, the board understood the association is a 501 (c) 3, but later it was clarified by Cheryl Kempenich – GLA Treasurer that we are 501 (c) 4 which may not qualify GLA for the grant dollars. Bruce later informed the Foundation of this information and we are awaiting their feedback. If approved Bruce will be attending the Foundation’s Award ceremony at Ojiketa Park this coming Saturday evening.

Treasurer’s Report – noted to date we are in the negative of $566. Bruce asked Connie to remind members to pay their dues.

Recycling cans is in good shape. Discussion on if we should have a sign more noticeable on Old Towne Rd, near where the recycle bin was before, directing people to the new location.

Next annual membership meeting will be in Spring 2019. Bruce reminded the Board that since changing the annual meeting to spring, election for new officers would then be Spring of 2020.

Bruce met with Senator Mark Koran to discuss concerns with lack of DNR funding for the fight against AIS. Without DNR grant dollars lake associations are finding it costly to treat the lakes.
There were 80+ MN lake associations applied for DNR grant dollars of which $1M out of the $10M was awarded to lake associations in the past. Bruce asked Mark for help in getting those
dollars back again.

Leaf Clean Up at the public landings on Green Lake will be held Saturday Oct 27, starting at 9:00am. The other lake associations are also having a Leaf Clean up on the same day at their
respective public landings.

Meeting will be held Oct 25 on the next invasive species – Phragmites threatening our lakes. More info will be sent out to the membership on this meeting.

Gary Schumacher from Chisago Lindstrom Lake Assn and Bruce will tour Green Lake for phragmites Oct 11. CLLA members have recently surveyed their lake and found several areas
where this invasive species is growing. The University of Mn is doing research the impact of phragmite’s is having on MN lakes.

Hook Line & Sinkers at both landings will be taken down when the docks are pulled.

Closure of the weir from Little Green into Lake Ellen will be closed at the end of the month.

Meeting Adjourned.