Meeting Minutes – Tuesday, January 7th 2020

January 7, 2020 Green Lake Association Board Meeting

Attendees: Bruce Meyer, Connie Mayfield, Bob Milam, Cheryl Kempenich, Monica Kinney, Lori Reichert

Notes in order of agenda discussed: (* indicates an action item)

1) Spring Meeting Date. Need to schedule the Loon and get speakers.
a) Chose Sunday, April 19, 2020 from 2PM‐6PM at the Loon. Thought it needed to be longer than what we had last year to give time to socialize more.
b) *Connie/Bruce will get our meeting on the Loon’s calendar.
c) Speakers:
i) Discussed that we should assume there would be public officials that attend and may be
ii) *Connie will contact Chuck Gramlin to speak for 15‐20 minutes on the history of Green Lake.
iii) *Cheryl will contact Premier Real Estate (the group selling the Lake Elementary School property located on Little Green Lake) to hear who is interested in the development, what the zoning is, etc. Basically seeing if there is someone who could speak on the plans.
iv) *Connie will be sending out an e‐mail to all asking what topics they’d like to hear about at the annual meeting (as well as if they have any suggestions for the Board in general).
2) Spring Newsletter
a) Bob believes *Christine will be willing to put together all the stories again. * Team should start writing their stories.
b) Should be completed by the end of March to be delivered by April 5 to announce April 19 Annual Meeting.
3) ADA Compliant picnic table for the Little Green Lake landing
a) The GLA has long been tending the Little Green Lake landing. Board decided to donate $1000 to purchase an Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant picnic table for the landing area. The old picnic table is in bad shape but we’ll put the GLA plaque from the old picnic table back on this one. It gets used a lot so it should be able to stand up to tough use and bad weather.
4) GLA Board Changes
a) Lori would like to take over the open Secretary position and find someone to take on the Vice President position with the intent they would be the president afterward. Lori agreed to stay as Vice President until such person can be found and take over the President position for a brief period with the help of all the board until that person is found.
b) *Bruce agreed to write down what the President does and each of us should write down our own “Job descriptions” as well to pass along to the next in line.
5) Financials
a) See last page for Treasurer Report ‐ Accounts as of 1/7/2020.
b) *Cheryl will Invoice All Businesses by end of January. Bruce and Connie visited all our business sponsors (decided to go with this term and not Community Sponsors because it seemed a better fit) to thank them for contributing. After their visit, they found the businesses would like an invoice from us for their accounting/tax purposes.
6) Carp harvest discussion
a) The Lake Improvement District (LID) doesn’t want to spend the more than $3000 to tag Carp so they’re easier to find under the ice. They are looking into whether there is a commercial fisherman who would want to fish them. A special DNR permit is needed to net them.
b) *Bruce will contact Steve of the Lions to see if we can donate to a Carp harvest contest that his organization plans.
7) Stinson Landscaping Status (Little Green into Chisago City)
a) *Lori to contact John Pechmann to see when the dock is going in and to get him to move it to the left when looking at the lake. Also, when will further construction begin so we can complete our planting project.
8) 2020 Invasive Species Treatment and decrease in LID support monies
a) *Bob will get DNR permits for treating the navigation channels
b) Bruce requested the LID to at least bring GLA up to the 2019 level of funding and Jerry said he’d bring that to the LID. Overall Invasive Species Treatment is down $3000 from the LID from 2019 to 2020.
9) Park Commission
a) Bruce met with the Park Commission and they are now back to supporting the GLA as a “Business Supporter”. It will hopefully make for good interactions and other ways to support each other in the future.
10) LID ELECTIONS WILL BE HELD AT THE NEXT LID BOARD MEETING on Feb. 3 Along with a recap of 2019 projects and activities.
a) *Connie will be sending an email to all GLA members encouraging them to vote for the 2 seats up for election – Area 3 and Area 4 – All Green Lake Association property owners are eligible to vote for each area because you are in the Chisago Lakes Improvement District and who gets into these seats affects all Chisago Area Lakes. Vote at LID Meeting on Feb. 3, 2020, at 6:30 p.m. in conference room 150B, lowest level,
Chisago County Government Center, Center City. OR, Mail Absentee ballots to arrive BY 3PM on Feb. 3. Request a ballot from Jerry Spetzman 651‐213‐8383, MAIL Absentee ballots to: LID Ballot, Jerry Spetzman; Chisago County Government Center Environmental Services office; 318 North Main Street; Center City, MN 55012.
b) *Cheryl will be adding the applicants’ forms to the website for Connie to link to and for all GLA members to learn about the candidates before voting.
a) *BOARD MEMBERS, MARK YOUR CALENDARS … *Connie/Bruce booking the room: Board Meetings on 2nd Wednesdays starting at 6:30 at the Loon in the meeting room for next 3 months as a trial (Feb. 12, Mar 11, April 8)
b) Connie and Bruce thought it would be a good idea, at least through the winter months, to have a social meeting for all lake owners at the Loon starting in February. *Connie will be sending out a notice that the Third Wednesday of every month starting in February, we’ll be meeting in the main bar room area of the Loon from 6:30‐8 to socialize with fellow lake owners. It will be a dry dock version of the Summer Flotilla.

Treasurers report ‐ ACCOUNTS AS OF 1/7/2020:





Current Balance




Available Balance






CD 74047112

CD 81220

Julie Vick CD 97805








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