Green Lake Chisago City Association News

Voting will be at the GLA Annual meeting Sept 29th.

Results of voting will be forthcoming.

Green Lake association President Candidate:

My name is Don Schug and I would like to be considered for a position as a Green Lake Association officer. I live on Justen Ave., which is on the south side of the lake. I have been on the lake 20 years and have seen many changes to the lake in that time. I would like to continue the good work done by our current officers and volunteers to keep Green Lake great. Thank you.

Don Schug

Green Lake Association Treasure Candidate:

My name is Bob Milam. I’m VP and partner for Micro Inc. in St Paul and I started the company in 1993. We specialize in products and services for education and government agencies. I was born and raised in Chicago Illinois and moved to Minnesota in 1990. I have lived on Green Lake since 1998 with my wife Christine and 3 boys. We all enjoy the outdoors and snow boarding, fishing and water sports. I’ve served on boards for the Arrigonni foundation, St Peter’s in Forest Lake finance committee and Forest Lake cub scouts as treasurer.

Bob Milam