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Meeting Minutes – May 7th, 2017

Green Lake Association Meeting May 7, 2017 . Bob Milam, Christine Milam, Connie Mayfield, Bruce Meyer, Cheryl Kempenich, Bret Evers. Curly Pondleaf spraying went well, in the narrows on Big Green the curly leaf looks good. By the Little Green boat landing it died off.... read more

Green Lake Association Meeting April 11, 2017

It snowed a couple inches yesterday. It is 49 our today and into the 60s for the weekend. Bob Milam, Christine Milam, Kevin Murphy, Bruce Meyer, Cheryl Kempenich, Bret Evers . Newsletter is done. Christine waiting on UPS for an estimate for cost and getting it out.... read more

Meeting Minutes 7/25/16

Green Lake Association Meeting July 25, 2016, temp the past week was in the upper 90, today was beautiful in the mid-80’s. We had 3 inches of rain on Saturday. High winds on Thursday morning caused some damage to trees and boat lifts. Bruce Meyer, Bob Milam,... read more

Meeting Minutes 4/11/16

April 11, 2016, 2016, temp today is 40 and sunny. This weekend is supposed to be in the 70s. Ice out was on March 16 and 17th. We had a hugely windy day that day that really got the ice going. Lake temp is at 42 degrees. Bruce Meyer, Bob Milam, Christine Milam, Bret... read more

Meeting Minutes May 2015

May 26, 2015, Rainy spring, 60 degrees and raining as usual, tomorrow 85. Bob Milam, Christine Milam, Connie Mayfield, Dong Schug, Bruce Meyer, Brett Evers No gully washers, the runoff is not too bad so far, just light rain. There was one instance when it was a bit... read more

Meeting Minutes March 2015

Green Lake Association Meeting March 22, 2015. Bob Milam, Christine Milam, Connie Mayfield, Dong Schug, Bruce Meyer Lake levels are ok so far. Little rain projected until June. DNR got back to Bob on the permits for spraying. We won’t get the Milfoil until later.... read more

Meeting Minutes March 2014

Green Lake Association Meeting Minutes – March 10, 2014 Attendance – Don Shug, Bob Milam, Bruce Meyer, Connie Mayfield, Dan Standish, Arnold Nelson, john Thornberg, John Unruh, Kevin Murphy, Kari and Ryan Lynch Memberships – only about a 1/3 of the membership... read more