Green Lakes Chisago City MN President corner

2011 will be a pivotal season for the Green Lake Association. After three consecutive terms the current board will be stepping down. It is time for new concerned and dedicated individuals to take over and continue the work the GLA has done for over a decade. There is a growing concern by property owners on all the Chisago area lakes about the explosion of Eurasian Water Milfoil and Curly Pond Leaf in the lakes. These invasive weeds are choking the waters, impacting water quality and decreasing property values for those who have lake frontage. There is no cure at this time but with seasonal treatments of the worse areas these exotic weeds can be kept at bay.

Green Lake has had Milfoil and Curly Leaf for years but remains the cleanest of the area lakes. This is due in part to the ability of the GLA to treat for invasive weeds on its own. Being able to do this can only be envied by other lake associations. The GLA’s expertise in this area is well respected by the DNR. The Green Lake property owners should be proud of their association and the work it has done over the years to preserver the quality of the lake. The GLA has been conscientious stewards of Green Lake and has made a positive impact on its well being. The loss of this asset would be devastating moving forward. When other lake shore owners and lake association grapple with how to deal with invasive weeds the Green Lake property owners have a viable organization in place to help deal with the problem. This comes at a tremendous cost savings over commercial treatments which is the only current option other than self treatments.

I have deep pride in the Green Lake Association and its accomplishments and hope its work can continue for many years to come. The positions of President, secretary and treasurer must be filled by Nov 1, 2011 or the Green Lake Association will cease to exist. There is also a need for committee members to support the board. Should the GLA be forced to disband its assets will be sold and the treasury proceeds donated to a selected non profit. This is the worse case scenario and should not have to happen. The 2011 season will be a transition time for new volunteers. Current position holders are willing to work with perspective replacements until they are comfortable. Don’t let Green Lake succumb to invasive weeds as some area lakes have. Volunteer for one of the board positions and keep your lake association alive and well. The more volunteers the less time commitment there is. For more details on any of the positions listed feel free to give me a call. Let’s work together to keep this valuable asset serving those who live on and enjoy Green Lake.

Dan Standish
GLA President