Presidents Corner

Green Lakes Chisago City MN President corner

Summer is approaching fast and with it water activities will abound. The Green Lake Association works diligently to do what it can to keep our lake clean and safe. Water
quality is a priority when putting together our strategy for treating Curly Leaf and Eurasian Water Milfoil. These two invasive weeds play a large part in our ability to enjoy
all that lake living has to offer.

On May 14th the GLA treated thirty-one acres of Curly Leaf under the supervision of the DNR. Seven acres were treated in Little Green and the remaining twenty-four in Big Green.  In mid June twenty-four acres in the south bay will be treated for Milfoil. Do to budget constraints we will be treating twenty-five less acres than last year. In dealing with the drop in acreage we have tried to be more strategic in the areas treated. Bands were treated 150ft out from shore in an attempt to hug the line where private spraying leaves off. The mindset is to give an extra thirty to sixty feet of clear water from the 150ft mark of the areas treated. The GLA is hoping for better results this year. We treated at a water temperature five degrees warmer then last year. Mother Nature may also have given us a break. Thick ice and heavy lake snow block the sun light and curb the weed growth. The combination of treating at a warmer water temperature and getting some help from nature may give us a good season of weed control in the treated areas. Treating for exotic weeds is not an exact science. There are many factors that can affect the outcome and each season involves trial and error in trying to perfect our treatment process. We all can agree that without ongoing treatments for these invasive weeds there is a good chance our lake will succumb to their choking reality.

Please support your lake association’s efforts by becoming a member and volunteer. The GLA can’t do it with out you. Have a great summer and I hope to see you at our one of our events.

Dan Standish

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